Grow Your YouTube Gaming Channel With Video Responses

YouTube video responses, good or bad? There is one key word that is massively important to YouTube & Google, I’ll come to it later, but when we understand this word, I’m sure that you will agree with me, video responses are a good thing, for both parties.

I can remember when I first started out on YouTube, and I read somewhere (I can’t remember where, sorry!) that having a video accepted as a video response helped both channels in various ways.

The most obvious way, is that providing the response is accepted, the responding video will be displayed underneath the existing video, and some viewers may click on it and check it out. Since the latest redesign of YouTube, I have to say that this particular aspect has probably diminished in usefulness, as video responses are shown quite far down the page, below top rated comments.

It is this particular factor though that has led to a lot (if not most) people refusing to accept video responses, the fear being that instead of further searching through that person’s content, they’ll be leaving to go watch another channel.

That’s a very understandable concern, but I think it is over-anticipated. Here’s how I see it breaking down on my channel.

Most of my subscribers know that I publish a lot of content, and there is a degree of variety in that content, with commentaries either being game related, or completely ‘off-topic’ and could be discussing gaming news or news in general, with a few atheist/religion themed commentaries as it’s a particular hobby-horse of mine.

They watch my content for a reason, odd as it may seem, there’s something there that they like, and when they are in the mood for my content, they will come and watch it. When they’ve had enough, say after about three minutes, they’ll want to go and watch something else. In particular, if a video of mine has expressed opinion about something, they may well want to go and watch something else related to that. If there is a video response to that video, it’s an all-round good thing for them to go and hear someone else’s opinion, even if it disagrees with mine.

Now, if they go watch someone else’s opinion, they may come back to comment on my video.

Even better though, the person who has the posted video response, some of their viewers may come and check out my content too! Their video will be showing as a response to my video; this is VERY important.

The key word I mentioned? Engagement. YouTube LOVES us when we engage with our communities. The more engagement we have, the more YouTube thinks we must be wonderful, and pushes us up search engine rankings, not just on YouTube, but on Google too.

No one outside of YouTube knows exactly how YouTube algorithms work, but I think it’s a fairly safe bet that every type of engagement does not carry the same value. So for example, a comment is worth one point, a comment from a subscriber is worth 2, a video response we post ourselves (of our own content to our own channel) is worth 1, a like is worth 10, a video response from another channel is worth 50.

I’ll admit I’m pulling figures out of the air here, but there will undoubtedly be some kind of weighting system, and video responses from one channel to another will be pretty high on that list. I’d also guess that as YouTube loves engagement so much, more weighting will be given to acceptors of video responses than the video posted as a response.

If I’m correct, what this means is that the person accepting the responses will actually be getting as much (if not more) out of the deal as the person who posted the response.

YouTube loves engagement, and so should we.

I’m also gonna look at another aspect, that of altruism.

Altruism is basically the concept of doing some good for someone with no anticipation of reward. I’ve always argued that there is no such thing as ‘true’ altruism, cos when we do something good for someone, we get a buzz out of it.

Let’s assume that I’m way off base with my understanding of how YouTube factors engagement. Isn’t doing something good for someone else just a pretty good thing to do anyway? Don’t it make you feel good?

Seriously, if you think that by accepting a video response you’re risking someone leaving your channel and not coming back, you have very little faith in the quality of your content, and that’s what you really should be paying attention to!

Lastly, I’d like to recount some of my experiences with littlebigplanet.

For those of you not familiar with the game, users make levels, and getting plays on those levels is pretty much like getting views on YouTube.

I started having a degree of success on LBP. most of what I published would be on the ‘cool pages’, a couple of developer picks, and I was fortunate enough to have many of LBP’s top creators collaborating with me on projects.

I would very often make a link at the end of my levels taking players directly to someone else’s content. Most often the level I would direct to would be a complete ‘unknown’ within the world of LBP, but someone who I felt deserved some exposure for their efforts. Like a video response takes people off my YouTube channel, a LBP link would take them off my planet.

It never did me any harm, if anything it enhanced my reputation amongst LBP, and made more people come and check my content.

So, let’s wind up here.

Simply put, video responses increase engagement for the person who posts, AND the person who accepts.

YouTube LOVES engagement.

It feels good to help other channels out, especially if they are just starting their YouTube ‘career’.

I will ALWAYS accept a video response as long as it is in some way relevant or interesting to my viewers, if you’ve read this far, and you would like to send me a video response, go for it!

Do’s and Dont’s for Video Responses on YouTube

Do make sure it’s relevant in some way.

Do send the channel owner a short message telling them why you think it is a good response.

Do demonstrate that you’ve actually seen their content & you’re sending an appropriate response (this may be obvious in video title)

Do offer for them to feel free to make responses on your channel.

Don’t spam everyone. No-one likes spam.

Don’t bombard people with video responses.

Don’t get irate or disheartened if responses are ignored.

What Is a Responsible Hunter?

What Makes a Hunter Responsible? The obvious answer to this question is somewhat complicated. Are you an expert at finding your game? Does being a responsible hunter mean you will make a clean shot every time? Do you teach others how to be a responsible hunter? Does it mean you follow the laws and regulations while in the field?

I think that these are all the qualities of a responsible hunter, along with other important things as well. Being a responsible hunter means you Care for wildlife and demonstrate this by respecting the hunting seasons and by not abusing private or public land. A responsible hunter is one who will report poachers. Poaching endangers the rights of honest hunters.

The responsible hunter will ensure the safety of other hunters around him, he will wear hunter orange while in the field. He follows and respects prescribed shooting hours. He always clearly and definitely identifies his target before taking a shot.

A responsible hunter gets involved with animal conservation groups like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Delta Waterfowl or Ducks Unlimited. These groups provide opportunities for others to enjoy wildlife. Knowing, practicing and protecting conservation habitats of the animal populations are key factors to being a responsible hunter. A responsible hunter doesn’t simply take from the land, but giving something back.

As you can see, there is more to being a responsible hunter than just following the laws while in the field. You must master the proper outdoor skills needed, achieve the level of a good marksman, and remember to practice often. Practice common sense and safety when hunting. Don’t forget that being a responsible hunter means being a responsible citizen.

As a responsible hunter you need to obey hunting laws and regulations. Look at the hunting regulations for your state; know them well before heading to the field. So many hunters question, why do we have so many rules, are they really necessary, who makes the rules, and who enforces them?

Our hunting regulations are created with the leadership of hunters working with their elected officials, who are responsible for modifying or making new laws. The purpose of those laws are to protect both the wildlife populations as well as the hunters. Right here in Arkansas, many animals were driven to the point of near elimination in our state. Then hunters pushed for laws to regulate hunting season’s and bag limits in an effort to revive the wildlife populations in our state. This also provided the grounds for the theory of “sustained yield” to be implemented. Wildlife numbers were allowed to grow while letting hunters enjoy their sport.

Laws come from legislators or citizen ballot initiatives. It takes time and effort to develop laws, so they don’t change very often. Because of this, most states grant state wildlife agencies the authority to make regulations. Regulations are based on public input and on information provided by scientists and managers, hence the annual changes in some bag limits and hunting days. They are easier to change than laws and are better suited to the way that wildlife is managed on a daily basis.

You may have already met a game warden; I hope it was a good experience. The job of the warden is to make sure hunters follow the laws and regulations put forth by the game commissions. A warden may ask to see your license or ask questions about when and where you have been hunting. He may also ask to inspect any game you have taken. Just Cooperate, it’s the right thing to do, and it’s the law! Always make certain you have all the proper licenses, tags and stamps before stepping in that field to go hunting.

One of the qualities of a responsible hunter is that he or she knows and understands the laws that apply to his or her hunting situation. But it is not enough to know the law, you need to obey them. Telling the game warden you don’t know the laws is not an excuse for violating them. If you hunt, you must know the laws and respect them. Ignorance of the law is not a defense!

Keep these guidelines in mind: Read and understand your states hunting regulations every year. I always carry a copy of the hunting regulations in the field. I learned the hard way not to depend on others to tell me what was legal. I loaned my gun and truck to a friend of mine who went hunting for skunks and opossums at night, I had always been told by friends that was legal, turns out it is not. The fines for some violations are in the thousands of dollars, you can loose your gun or even your vehicle. Plus, you may lose your hunting privileges for years or even for life.

In addition to following the law, a responsible hunter develops and follows a personal code of ethics. Ethics are the rules for right and wrong, good and bad that societies and individuals develop. These rules help us to know how we should act in certain situations. A person with good ethics is somebody who understands right and wrong, and chooses to do the right thing in any situation. A person with good hunting ethics is one who will not do anything in the field he or she knows or feels is wrong, even if it is legal.

Best advice I can give you is if you doubt your decision at any point, don’t do it! Once again, I ask what makes a hunter responsible. He Knows and obeys all the laws and regulations. He Views hunting as more than just killing an animal. A responsible hunter develops a personal code of ethics and sticks to it. He takes full responsibility for his or her actions. He respects other hunters, the land, and most of all the wildlife.

I work hard at being a responsible hunter. I think that is the best way to preserve our sport and ensure it is there for future generations to enjoy. Being a responsible hunter is addictive. It won’t take long before you actually become one with nature and really enjoy the great outdoors.

Gaming Keyboards – Why Are They Confusing?

What is a gaming keyboard?

Firstly, what we need to look at is what do the words “gaming keyboard” actually mean. Well I will tell you that it is exactly what you think it is. It is a keyboard for gaming. Now with most people it stops there because they think that just because it is a gaming keyboard it can only be used for gaming and nothing else. They don’t realise that a gaming keyboard can be used for much more than just gaming. So this article is aimed at giving some advice in regards to choosing the right gaming keyboard for you. I remember my first programmable gaming keyboard (the Logitech G15) and how I struggled with it. The only reason why I wanted it, was because it was the best on the market at the time and I felt for that reason I needed to own one. I had absolutely no idea what to do with it or what I was going to use it for. I did however, almost add another feature to it’s already impressive list of pre-installed features by illustrating just how effective the keyboard can be in a game of cricket or anything involving a bat. It really irritated me because I did not need it for all the functions and because they were there, I felt I had to use them all. I did use them all in the end, but that was only because I advanced my game play and in doing so required more functions out of the keyboard.

So let’s take a look at some of the aspects that we will have to deal with when looking at gaming keyboards.

The features installed on a gaming keyboard and what they actually do
The terminology used in gaming keyboards
What are the best types of gaming keyboards
How do we know which is the right type of gaming keyboard for us

Now many people are already gamers, serious or not and know exactly what the features are and what they can do. But there are as many people out there that don’t know what the features are supposed to do and whether the features are in fact what they actually need. So I have put together a list of the features that you will find on gaming keyboards and below I will explain each one of them more clearly.

Here is a list of the features that you will find installed on gaming keyboards. I would like to add, that not every gaming keyboard has all of the features mentioned below installed on them at the same time.

LCD Display screen
Programmable G-keys (for macros and macros on the fly)
Back Lighting
In game mode switch
Media controls
Detachable Key Pad
High Speed USB Ports
Automatic Profile Switching
Cruise Control

Now as we can see there are many features that you will find installed on a gaming keyboard, but the important thing now is to know what they can do and when to use them. Let’s take a closer look at the features and see how they can be used for gaming but also for outside of gaming.

The LCD Display screen is a screen at the top of the keyboard (typically in the middle) which displays a host of information to you during game play. An example of the information displayed is; vital game statistics, system statistics, VOIP communication data and you can even see what server your friends are playing certain games on, such as World of Warcraft. You can also watch photo slide shows on the screen as well as YouTube videos (this feature is only on the Logitech G19). So there we can see how good the LCD screen is. Outside of gaming you can still see system statistics displayed, but only on the Logitech G19 can you watch videos and photo slide shows.

Programmable G-Keys (or game keys) are keys that can be programmed to execute certain commands. You can program multiple keys to be executed with a single keypress. So in other words, if you have a command which you would like to execute but it has more than one keystroke required then you would program a G-key to perform all those keypresses for you. Now this is vital in game playing, especially in strategy and role-playing games. But programmable keys can also be used in everyday computing. I own the Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard and I use the programmable key feature to program my passwords and small snippets of text which is normally login information. This is a great feature for those that work with databases or anything where numerous logins are required. It is also good for designers and editors where numerous keypresses are sometimes required.

Back Lighting is a really cool feature. This is standard on all gaming keyboards irrespective of all the other features mentioned above. Basically what this feature does is illuminate the keys from underneath. There are typically three levels of brightness for the back lighting, however all though back lighting is standard on gaming keyboards not all of them have the same colours or as many colours as others do. The Logitech G19 and G510 are gaming keyboards with a host of different colours, whereas others have only three or just one. This is not only good for gaming especially if games are played in low lighted or even dark areas, but also a great asset to changing the style of your workstation. There are people out there that just want a new look for their workstation and backlit keyboards do the trick.

Anti-Ghosting is a feature whereby missed keypresses are in fact actually recorded and not voided. This happens with multiple keypresses albeit not frequently but without anti-ghosting the keypresses won’t be recognized.

In game mode switch is a feature which disables the Windows/Context key during gameplay, so you don’t accidentally get kicked out of your game. Which I am sure has happened to all of us at some point.

Media controls, this feature is great as you can control volume, playback and mute from the keyboard itself. This feature works for headsets that are connected to the keyboard and also for the sound emitting from the computer itself. So there is no need to find the controls on the screen if you want to quickly turn down the volume.

Detachable Key Pad. This is also a really neat feature as you can move the keypad to either the left or the right side, depending which hand you are more comfortable using for operating. Again, this feature is another feature you can use outside of gaming.

High Speed USB Ports are a great advantage as you can Plug and Play with comfort. Also through this feature you can transfer data between devices, such as MP3 Players and Flash Drives and you can do all this while charging your devices that are battery-powered. Another great feature that can be used outside of gaming.

Automatic Profile Switching is a feature that allows you to automatically or manually change the profile you are in or want to be in. With the automatic function, the keyboard detects the application you are running and automatically applies the profile that you previously set for that application. Really cool feature especially if you like to play in different modes (Microsoft Sidewinder X6 had this feature).

The cruise control feature is also a really handy feature to have as it allows you to continue an action without having to hold down all the different keys required to perform the action. You can even use the cruise control function for up to four keypresses (installed on the Microsoft Sidewinder X6)

So as we can see all the features that are installed on a gaming keyboard can also be used for everyday computing, although the obvious design factor was initially for gamers in the first place. Another thing we must look at is the structural design of the keyboard. First thing we will notice is that some of the keyboards are slightly bulkier than a standard keyboard. Now this is to be expected as the keyboard itself houses more keys, requires more space for electrical components and other hardware utilities that are required for game play. But what is also great about the design of gaming keyboards, is that they are designed for ergonomic purposes. This is because gamers spend a lot of time in front of their keyboards and they are more prone to wrist, arm and hand discomfort than users of a standard keyboard. So the idea behind ergonomically designed gaming keyboards is to install some features that will reduce the risk of wrist discomfort overall. These features include; detachable and adjustable wrist wrest, keyboards with zero slope designs, different keyboard feet lengths for effective raising or lowering of keyboards for comfort and also keys that can accommodate softer keypresses.

Now I am not sure how familiar you are with the terminology that is used in the gaming keyboard field, but below is a list words that you will come across with regards to gaming keyboards.

WSAD – This is the four keys that you use to control movement which is typically your W, S, A & D keys.

ANTI-GHOSTING – Typically in a standard keyboard (or dome switch keyboard), the design is in such a way that the keyboard uses columns and rows of wires. Through this design the results that occur can be inaccurate when lots of keys are pressed at once. When this happens the dropped keys become “ghosts”. With keyboards that have anti-ghosting capabilities, they use a small dab of carbon at each switch site to prevent the contact of the keys from shorting the rows or columns of wires. In doing so, this allows the keyboard to decode each key press separately.

MACROS – A macro is a collection of operations and property values that can be applied to an existing visualization or visualizations. So in other words macros are not linked to the objects or visualizations to which they are applied but when they are used, the operations or property settings will be applied to the objects currently selected. This means that property settings can be applied to multiple visualization types, unlike property settings in styles.

OPTICAL – Optical is basically a device used for producing or controlling light. So if you took an optical mouse for example, it would be a mouse that produces light and in doing so uses the light to register it’s movement on your computer.

ULTRA POLLING – Ultra-polling in gaming mice increases the amount of times the firmware on a mouse reports it’s tracking data to the computer to 1ms (1000hz). In doing so, it reduces the interval between each transmission of movement calculations and therefore giving the cursor on the screen a smoother and more precise feel with increased responsiveness.

HYPER RESPONSE – On a hyper response button, there are two stages that go into the development of the button. This is basically to ensure that it can always be actuated no matter where it is pressed and also how quickly is it pressed. So therefore if you don’t completely press down on a button or don’t press hard enough, the button will still actuate and you will not lose response time.

ON-THE-FLY – This is basically just when you doing something in a hurry or to create something quickly when needed.

G-KEYS – These are basically game keys. The keys that you can program with macros.

ERGONOMICS – This is basically a study to see how things interact with the human body. So if you were to take a pen for example; holding it for long periods of time and writing with it could eventually cause discomfort to the hand and wrist. By making the design of the pen more ergonomically, it would allow for long periods of use without causing discomfort. This study is applied to everything that interacts or can interact with the human body

Now the only answer I can give you about which gaming keyboard is the best is simple. It depends entirely on what you want to use the keyboard for. The industry is lead to believe the Logitech G19 Programmable Gaming Keyboard is the best on the market and to a certain degree it is. It has all the features that other keyboards have but more advanced and it is designed with serious gamers in mind, therefore lending itself to being classed as the best gaming keyboard ever. But in my opinion a gaming keyboard, or anything for that matter is only as good as what you need it for. If you don’t need it for a lot of things then don’t buy one that can do everything.

With regards to what gaming keyboard is best for you, well again that depends on what you want out of it. If you are a novice gamer with little experience with programmable keyboards, then it is probably better to take a gaming keyboard with either no programmable keys or a keyboard with a limited number of programmable keys. However in saying that, many of the gaming keyboards have really good instruction manuals and CDs. But again, if you only need a few keys that can be programmed then don’t buy a gaming keyboard with massive amounts of programmable options. So it all boils down to what you need it for. If you take the time to think clearly about what will you want to get from a gaming keyboard and read all the reviews on the different types of gaming keyboards, then your decision won’t be wrong.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you have a much clearer understanding of gaming keyboards if you hadn’t already.

Ice Breakers And Indoor Games For Better Workplace And Team Building


When it comes to team building, what can look like a series of simple games and activities can actually do wonders for creating temporary and even lasting friendships. These tasks teach the benefits of working as a team and discourage too much self-centered thinking. However, regardless of the age group involved, some ice breakers team building are a good way to start.

What are ice breakers team building? Essentially, these are fun ways to get to know the group around you, whether it’s a physical game or a verbal one.

These are incredibly useful, whether you’re about to spend an entire summer at camp or you’re just at a motivational seminar and you’re getting to know the fellow audience members around you. These activities are great for establishing bonds and creating epiphanies about those around you.

What are some popular ice breakers team building? These can include memory games to help everyone learn one another’s name to simple storytelling exercises in which everyone describes a favorite food or childhood memory. Others may consist of fun physical games that involve thinking as a group to solve the problem. A fun example of this is playing with parachutes or tug of war.

The biggest point of ice breakers team building is to discourage individual thinking. Avoid games that pit the group against a single person, such as hide and seek or tag. Rather, encourage games in which everyone works together and everyone shares the same triumph. This in itself is enormously helpful for teaching the value of working as a team.

Ice breakers team building are also useful for encouraging conversation, closeness, empathy, and community. This is why your verbal games should focus on questions that encourage everyone to feel comfortable with sharing thoughts with the group. Avoid questions that inspire secretiveness or shyness.

Instead, choose ideas that the group as a whole can identify with.

These are only a few suggestions when it comes to ice breakers team building. These tips should help significantly in helping your group to bond. These activities will also put your group in a good mood and leave them feeling comfortable with one another. As you move on to other activities, they will be able to use the things they learned during these exercises. Learn more today about how team building can establish lifelong lessons about working as a team at home and in the workplace!


When it comes to teaching the value of working in a group, any teacher can benefit from including a few indoor team building games in his or her lesson plan. These activities can help chronically shy or distrustful students learn to trust the group and work as a team to achieve any goal. Here are a few ways that indoor team building games can benefit you.

Most indoor team building games consist of physical and mental activities.

Most sessions consist of some icebreaker games to help the group get to know one another better. These include name games, call and response games, collective dancing, and more. These are simple, fun activities that help get the group accustomed to moving and working together as a whole.

Once the icebreaker indoor team building games are through, many teachers begin with physical games next. These include parachute games, group blind man’s bluff, group tag, relay races, passing games, and more. Unlike many games, these require everyone in the team to work together in order to win. In having fun with these indoor team building games, your students will learn the value of teamwork, moving together, role assigning, thinking on their feet, and more.

Keep in mind, however, that some mistakes may happen. Should this occur, don’t put any emphasis on the single person who caused the mistake. Instead, simply begin again or create a new goal for your team to reach. You may very will discover that this new goal is more satisfactory to them than the first one was. By reacting calmly and acting quickly, your team will learn that together they can accomplish anything.

Some mental indoor team building games include activities that help establish trust, communication, creativity, and empathy. These may consist of individuals in the group telling others a bit about themselves, such as a worst fear or an embarrassing moment. Other games include the telephone game, memory games, word association games, and more.

Another fun activity also includes having your students discuss what-if scenarios and how they would achieve a goal. You may discover that your students are better at thinking outside the box than you realized.

Learn more today about how indoor team building games can help create a lasting bond within the group. Along with helping your students work together in school, you will also be establishing basic social and networking skills that they will be able to use to their advantage in the workplace as well. Act now and see for yourself just how useful these skills are!

Cutting Edge Gaming Technology – The Unreal Engine

Recent games are all about how intricate they are, how good the story is and how well the graphics performs with the things the player wants to do in such virtual environment, having these factors in mind the folks at Epic games developed a new gaming technology which is called the Unreal engine 3, this new technology is used to create highly responsive gaming environments which enhances the graphics and the way objects interact with the player.

This technology was used in the game Gears of War, some of the features found in the Unreal engine are:

Ambient Occlusion Technology:

This is a post processing filter which enables game programmers and designers to add much more realistic and dynamic shadows to scenes using a pixel technique which creates much more realistic shadow highlights, this pixel technique scans images and analyzes how light reflects around and adjusts shadows making objects stand out from the background. This technique has also been used in several characters which makes them more appealing to the eye and provides better definition, the contrast is better which increases the quality if the details.

Dynamic Fluid Surfaces:

This is yet another major improvement where liquids such as water are programmed to move and interact with the player in such a way that mimics how the real element would react under such conditions. Environment reflections have been added as well to simulate the properties of water.

Soft Body Physics:

This is a simulation tool which allows programmers to simulate soft bodies and objects which are realistically elastic and fluidly, this is also useful for materials which are fluid and have a certain degree of viscosity; this property can be applied to games where alien creatures are found.

Destructible Environments:

After a few years of beautiful and careful design, the first thing players want to do with a game’s environment is to blow it up, using such technology gamers will be able to do just that and see a more realistic reaction to the way things are destroyed, structural analysis was applied to games in order to simulate how objects would break apart under stress and conditions the player creates, with this feature gamers can blow holes in the walls or in the floor however the steel structure remains intact as it would on a real environment.

Overall this technology has a lot of potential and can literally change how games are made, in the mean time enjoy the beautiful worlds of games such as Build-a-lot, Machines at War, Gears of War, etc. because they will soon change.

Gaming and Earning Together at GoWild Online Casino

Do you think that online gaming sites are just there for you to spend your money on? Well, you might need to think again as there is an online gaming site that can help you to earn large commission. This online gaming site is GoWild Casino.

GoWild Casino helps people to earn lifetime revenues from their traffic with their wild affiliate program. As an affiliate of GoWild Casino, affiliates can choose which casino to promote. GoWild Casino offers affiliate a wide variety of promotions and bonuses. And the team is very supportive in helping affiliates implement the best possible strategies. They help affiliates come up with strategies that can capture potential players’ attention.

GoWild Casino also wants to ensure that affiliates treat their visitors with care and professionalism and not just putting a lot of efforts in sending traffic to the casino. This ensures that there will be maximum success and maximum conversion ratio.

As an affiliate, and when GoWild Casino is recommended to players then affiliates can be sure that their queries will be handled immediately and efficiently. It does not matter whether players are getting withdrawals or bonus request, affiliates can sleep tight knowing that their players are answered and well taken care of.

GoWild Casino also wants to protect the sites integrity as the GoWild Gaming Ltd and Microgaming trademarks are reference of integrity and professionalism. They treat affiliates as part of the family and that the success of the site is also the success of the affiliate. They want to promote with their affiliates a win-to-win partnership. They believe that this can lead to maximize profit and ensure that players will be loyal for lifetime.

Most importantly, they want to ensure a long lifetime for you revenue share commissions. GoWild Casino is an online gaming site that commits itself to do whatever is possible to keep their players loyal and happy. They want to put efforts to ensure that their each and every player stays with them for as long as possible. And when affiliates can bring players to GoWild Casino, they can even get up to 50% of the earnings!

Signing up as an affiliate is also easy. Affiliates can just use their user ID to fill in the application form. And when an applicant receives confirmation of sign up through email and after full confirmation from affiliate manager, then the applicant can become a GoWild Affiliate and start earning revenues.

How many sites can you find that offers players and members entertainment but also gives them a chance to earn revenues? Where can you find an online gaming site wherein they control compulsive gambling and ensure responsible gaming? How many sites can you find that ensures players of fair game? And how many sites can you find that find ways to maximize your online gaming experience by developing live dealers features? How many online gaming sites that offers players the freedom to choose between downloading and playing online? These are all characteristics of GoWild Casino: an online gaming site that you are sure to be a winner.

3 Ways to Play the Ball Game Right!

How do you play the game right to your advantage? How do you handle the Ball of Responsibility effectively? We’ve shown you that in a situation, you are actually playing ball games with our co-workers. Having the Me factor, you know your responsibilities. Having the Situation factor, you know the outcome and consequences. Earlier, we’ve mentioned that playing the game right, you can avoid being the victim of the blame chain. How do we do that?

When you receive the Ball of Responsibility, you have three ways of handling it. One is to fully absorb the responsibility assigned to you. Two, is to share the responsibility with someone else. And finally, three, you can choose to throw it to someone else’s “court”.

One, absorbing the responsibility is clear cut. You have made accountable to the task assigned to you. You are responsible for the outcome of this task and the consequences any failure. If you uphold your responsibilities at work you are a responsible employee. BUT WAIT! If you allow responsibilities that’s out of your scope to be in your “court”, that’s dumb. You spend time working and ensuring that failure doesn’t occur, and doesn’t contribute to your KPI. Individuals who take on the wrong responsibilities usually end up being the scapegoat of a blame responsibility chain. DO NOT take on responsibilities blindly take on tasks that’s out of your scope! Remember, not all situations calls for a responsible employee. Assess the situation. It may be better that you passed the task to someone else.

Two, sharing the responsibility with someone else. Sometimes, this is necessary. Especially when the consequences are huge. Example, an urgent change request to rectify the production system was initiated after office hours. The rectification may cause the system to fail the following day but the rectification is necessary. A critical decision has to be made now.

How will you handle it considering you just a system analyst in charge of the system? If you agree to go ahead with the request and the system crashes the next morning, you will be liable with the damage done. Instead, you can make a call to your superior to have a combine assessment of the change request. If your superior agrees to the change request, any damage or liability in the following morning is distributed between your superior and you (with generally a higher blame ratio to the superior). Always remember, your superiors are given a higher pay check with a reason. That is to take on a bigger responsibility.

Finally, the last option is to throw the responsibility to someone else’s “court”. We call it responsibility shifting which is moving the task to someone else. It may make you sound like an irresponsible person at work but it’s not always the case. It is sometimes necessary too. The responsibility assigned to you is not part of your job scope. It is best to pass it to someone else to handle it. You won’t be able to handle it effectively nor with a right mind set.

If the responsibility assigned to you is part of your job scope. And you chose to shift to someone else. This is unhealthy. Remember, your co-workers are not dumb. One day, they might not offer you help because you’ve treated them this way.

What can you do now given a responsibility? With the three ways mentioned above, you should be more aware of how you handle tasks and the Ball of Responsibility. Be conscious of how you play it. They can serve as an adviser of why others are treating you this way. Keep yourself away from the scapegoat title and avoid offending your co-workers. Play the game right!

How To Choose The Best Gaming Monitors!

It’s no surprise gamers take their computer and computer-related devices very seriously. The reason is that they spend a tremendous period of time with such products; it seems sensible that choosing the right model may well be a long procedure. This rule does not apply, however, strictly to the desktop itself. While that is certainly a substantial purchase, the gaming monitors are nearly as important. It’s the strategies by the fact that the gamer has the ability to view the game, and therefore, heavy game fanatics take their very own gaming monitors very seriously.

Choosing the right model, however, could be very overwhelming. After the computer, the monitor is likely to be the piece of equipment that puts you back by far the most, and because it may be a significant investment, it’s imperative that you acquire some good help should the decision turns out to be challenging.

The primary key to determine is that if you want to go with the less costly (but aged) CRT gaming monitors or even the newer (but ultimately higher priced) LCD selection. Almost every gamer chooses the latter, and even though these gaming monitors would usually be more expensive. However, there is certainly a bunch of great news. Because they’ve basically taken over the computer monitor world, basically wiping out the CRT styles, LCD monitors are getting increasingly cheaper. This will make them an exceedingly viable selection for your gaming monitors.

The benefits of LCD monitors are plenty of and, without reference to price, cause them to become a smart choice. They’re not only generally lighter and smaller in size, they even use much less power, which can be good for the Earth along with your monthly power bill. One other main benefit to LCD gaming monitors is always that the video is easier on your eyes. Especially if you are usually staring at the screen for lengthy durations of time. That alone is unquestionably an edge to proudly owning an LCD monitor. Provided that gamers are likely to spend extended amounts of time in front of the monitor, a gaming monitor will almost exclusively be an LCD type of screen.

Another major factor in deciding which gaming monitors to purchase would certainly be size. This is largely an individual preference, however, if you want your game playing adventure to get as real and remarkable as you possibly can, a larger screen might just be exactly what you need. Usually, gaming monitors are available in sizes between 15 and twenty-three inches. Lots of people choose 17 inch monitors, finding this size large enough to meet any game playing needs without having to take up an excessive amount room on your desk.

Maybe the most crucial key to consider, however, often is the monitor’s response rate. On the whole, response rate will be understood as being the time that it takes for each and every individual pixel to react to a color change. Whether it takes more than the expected time, you are going to experience what’s named “ghosting.” This is the time a picture lingers on the screen, therefore it may be absolutely terrible to the gaming experience. If you are purchasing together with the intent to use it as a aggressive gaming monitor, make sure that the response rate is at or under 8 milliseconds. This can be one primary aspect where the CRT monitors offer an advantage, often featuring a response rate of as little as 2 milliseconds.

LED gaming monitors have seriously gained a substantial popularity especially with its loaded with advantages over the previous technologies. It’s no question that the more intense gamers are opting these kinds of monitors! Quietly, you will see comparisons of every style of gaming monitor; see what one is perfectly suitable for you. Below, are the top deals on the market today, including highest reviews, specifically identified towards the gaming method of user. Also, every important features to make note of when searching:

Display Port: Heralded to be the successor to the cable type HDMI and DVI, Display Port is often a higher bandwidth connection that will facilitate lighter and thinner monitors since they would not require unique circuitry (and electronics to operate that circuitry) to obtain video signal. Adoption for this technology has been sparse, thus far as you would expect.

Pixel response rate: This indicates how rapid a pixel can turn colours, calculated in milli seconds (ms); the lower the milliseconds, the much faster the pixels can change, thus lowering the streaking or ghosting effect you may perhaps see within a changing or moving image. According to new studies, however, it’s likely you will not see any streaking or ghosting in a modern monitor when watching a film.

Input lag: A delay during which the monitors’ image stays behind what’s been sent to the screen. Not every person notices input lag, and vendors rarely, if ever, quote this figure about their monitors. Input lag affects gamers the most. If split second reactions are paramount as part of your gaming sessions, perform some research as to a gaming monitor’s input lag before buying.

Ergonomic options: Most monitors offer a point of screen tilt, usually thirty degrees back and five degrees frontward. Some will include a swivel aspect, many offer height adjustability, and some panels may also pivot between landscape and portrait modes, making legal-size documents and web sites simpler to view. Some LCDs usually are attached with VESA-compatible mounts that hook up with third-party wall mounts or swinging arms.

Screen resolution: Dictated by screen size, aspect ratio, and often the manufacture’s digression. Make sure you are at ease with an LCD’s indigenous resolution before you buy it. Remember, an LCD gaming monitor that scales its graphic into a non-native resolution will never look as good.

USB: Many screens have USB ports. Generally, they aren’t powered hubs, but simply convenient ports to plug in low powered devices like a mouse or a keyboard, thereby decreasing the tangle of cables that usually run directly into the computer tower.

Audio: Some gaming monitors offer audio capabilities, either as standardized items or as optional extra accessories. These may include a volume control, embedded speakers or a headset jack. On the whole, these speakers are of reduced quality, with an low-priced thirty dollar audio system from an office supply or computer store will most likely provide greater sound.

Viewing angle: Largely dictated by recent panel technology. The physical structure of LCD pixels could potentially cause the brightness and possibly even the color of images to change for those who view them from an angle rather than facing the screen directly. Take manufacturers’ specifications seriously, as they test their product to construct it!

Flash Games Players Are More Alert

A study conducted by an eminent institute of management suggests that flash game players might be more alert than their console counterparts. The study was conducted to weigh the impact of non-commercial factors on buyer purchase behaviour.

The experiment consisted of a survey designed to form two age cohorts of game players subdivided into two categories flash game players and console players. Both cohorts consisted of two focussed groups, one relating to players of flash communities and the other to those who identified as being console players.

A causal experiment was then designed to determine the responsiveness of the gaming groups in terms of ‘time to response’.Experimental observations were conducted for the two age cohorts alongside extensive metrics between players of the two groups.

Experiments to gauge ‘time to response’ ranged from simple multiple choice pre-exposed Q&A, wherein the candidates were allowed to run through question banks prior to testing, to logical reasoning and analysis. The objective was not determining the accuracy of the answer but ‘time to response’ fairly accurate.

Interestingly both groups of the respective cohorts patterned different distributions for parametric testing.’Time on Game’ seemed to fit into a statistical lognormal curve for flash games whereas a gamma curve for console games, this startling fact seems to suggest that flash games players gain more exposure to variety, whereas their console game counterparts are likely to get thematically stuck.

Logical reasoning and analysis, and basic math were also structured and administered into the causal analysis to further strengthen the evidence.The metrics were standardised to nullify intelligence factors and the ‘time to response’ argument established.

The implications of this are significant effecting both developer and player. Although the flash player spends the same amount of time playing, as a console player, the very fact that a flash game is structured to be a mini game and made available in abundance, motivates the player to experiment with different games thereby reducing the time spent on a single game perse. The domino effect is interpreted in terms of a larger experience of the ‘spectrum of creativity’, benefiting a larger community of game developers. This is in stark contrast to the console player whose brand and thematic loyalty is imbibed with inertia acting as a barrier to change. It is during a transition of themes that the console player exhibits thematic lethargy.

Secondly a lognormal probability distribution characterises a thinning long tail, if this is indicative of gaming addiction, then we may surmise that flash games are less addictive compared to their console counterparts.

In a nut shell it appears fair to conclude that flash games players just might be more alert and this may be attributed to the conditioning of ‘time to response’ in an environment which is not thematically stuck nor addictive.

Top 10 Gaming Peripheral to Improve Your Gaming Skill in 2018

In this contemporary world, it has become liable to access each and everything with modern technologies; therefore, gaming peripherals are the best gaming devices which comfort the gamers who love to play the ideal games with easy and accessible device to play their skills. Similarly I would like to enhance my gaming skills with the best gaming devices in the future as well. However, there are innumerable gaming devices but some of the most colossal of them I have spotlighted below which can enhance the best gaming skills in the 2018 without any atoms of doubt.

Top 10 Gaming Peripheral

Wireless gaming Mouse – Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Wireless gaming mouse are somehow easy to access for the gamers in current gaming system. These wireless gaming mouse are free to move and can easily be managed by the players. However, Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is one the best gaming peripheral wireless mouse which I found. It has a modern optical sensor which gives quick response to the movements of the hand as soon I move it. Similarly, it has customizable lighting of 16.8 million colors which show it the like breathing pattern. Moreover the lighting system is also sensor base as when I don’t use it, and then it will sleep until and unless I move it again. Furthermore, it provides very easy control which can be customized on my own setting. This customized system is based on 11 buttons which can easily control all the programing in the future gaming like which will be launched in the 2018. Apart from this, it is the best gaming device because it is easy to carry with light weight of the 3.6 gram along with comfortable design for me to use as it has grip as well. Therefore, the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is the best gaming peripheral which is easy to access and is easy to buy because it has reasonable price i.e. $44.99.

Racing Wheels – Thrustmaster T300 RS

A racing wheel is one of the gaming peripheral which is used in the racing video game. It gives the comfort to the players in their advance skills of playing game. One of the best gaming devices is Thrustmaster T300RS. It is a used for play station 4 and 3 with a great style of GT wheel. This wheel allows me to perform in very smooth way like I am driving live on the road. It really eggs on me to lead the game in next level without impediments. Similarly, it provides brushless motor which can provide easy movement without any friction. The angle adjustment varies from 270 to 1080 degrees regarding the game vehicle. Not only this, it has dual belt which gives a smooth response like I am driving the vehicle on the road. Besides this, there are metal pedals which are adjustable to more than 6 positions according to the height. Similarly, it has also a resisting pedal layer on the brake pedal. However, these pedals can easily be adjusted at heights also. The voice of the motor is not audible as I can easily concentrate on the game while playing it rather than any noise disturbance. Therefore, Thrustmaster T300RS is the best gaming device for racing games.

Gaming Pedal – Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V2

Gaming pedals are the gaming peripherals which are used on the account of the players comfort. The modern gaming world is launching many accessible gaming pedals but Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V2 is one of the best gaming devices for the players to comfort their skills in playing game. Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V2 can easily be fit by own settings. These pedals are highly constructed with durable and qualitative material. It has one best option that it is easily adjustable almost in all directions with all angles. Moreover, it is more strengthened because it has brake sensitivity to use it easily while playing it. It gives me the comfortable while playing game because it provides pressure sensitive brake which is connected with local cells. Apart from it, it has magnetic pedals with high resolution along with contactless sensors one the pressure of gas and clutch. It gives me the clue of its long life because I use it very roughly even than they have good performance. Moreover, it has one more option which really makes me to feel like I driving lively because it has vibration motor which indicate to lock the tires through this motors. Therefore, I really like this gaming peripheral for my personal gaming and it will really help me for future games because these are compatible to all games.

Gaming keyboard – Logitech G Pro Keyboard

These gaming keyboards are just used for the sake of gaming which is very small and light in weight. However, there are countless gaming peripherals of keyboards but Logitech G Pro Keyboard is one of the best gaming devices. I really like this gaming peripheral because it makes me easy to use my skills for gaming world of competition of sports game. Its response is as faster as you one click of your finger tips to the keyboard and its reaction is on the screen. Moreover, it is easily adjustable and can move without any tensions. It has also a small portion for the mouse movement. Apart from this it has portable connection with PC so it has great designs which can comfort me for using my best skills while playing game. One of the best option it has i.e. it has multi key pressing which is best option for future coming games like 2018. This option will give me the accessibility to whatever I would like to intend in game. It has also RGB lighting with 16.8M colors which can easily be customized for every single key. Therefore, it is the best gaming devices for improving my skills regarding games and will also make me easily to compete in future games.

Gaming Joystick – Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog

Joystick is one kind of the gaming peripheral which is used by the players in the games for their gaming skills. Similarly, there are many gaming joysticks which are used for the gaming purpose but I like the most is Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog. I found many great features which can make my skills more compatible one. It has a magnetic sensor which can easily give me the performance like I am playing a real airplane because it has joystick buttons which required pressure like real airplane. Apart from it, it is easily detachable so I can move it according to my wish. It has lights which have 5 programing LEDs. These LEDs gives me the real sense of airplane with trim wheel along with 15 buttons. Therefore, I really recommend this best gaming device which gives me comfort by using it and easily I can improve my skills with its programming. Moreover, it will also assist me in future launching games in 2018 because it has the technology of Hall Effect AccuRate Technology.

VR Headset – HTC Vive

Virtual Reality headset is used by the users to feel them in space environment. Actually they are used as gaming peripheral for the player’s best skill. It gives me the option of flexibility to seat or stand in space like fifteen feet. So, I feel very easy and real presence in the environment. Apart from this these headset give me the real movements like virtual world because it has the 3D sound with direction audio. It can easily controllable at 360 degrees. Moreover, it is used automatically on standard devices without any additional settings. Therefore, it becomes easier for me to enhance my skills regarding gaming peripheral. It also provides me for future coming features games which can easily be accessible on this HTC Vive.

Motion Controller – Razer Hydra

A motion controller is one of the gaming peripheral which is used to control the game accelerometers. Similarly it tracks the motion. Therefore, there are countless motion controller but Razer Hydra is one of the best motion controllers which assist me to improve my gaming skills. It gives me sensation of the virtual world. It has Magnetic motion sensor which can locate me the exact location in my hands. Similarly it paves the way like I am in the virtual game world by assisting me by three dimensional features in the game. It has button for controlling the fluid which is known as thumb-ergonomic and it has also 4 hyperresponse buttons which give the exact and fast response by your just click. Apart from this, it provides me the free motion because it has six degree freedom magnetic motion tracking system. Besides this, it gives the low magnetic field along with little power consumption. This is how it makes me easy to choose it for the future coming games because this is the best gaming devices.

Gaming Cockpit – Fanatec ClubSport

The Gaming Cockpits are specific computer desk than as usual desk. They are special designed for the sake of gaming purpose as the players never get fatigue while playing games because it is a gaming peripheral. However, there are number of kinds of gaming cockpits but the Fanatec Clubsport is one of the best cockpits which give me an easy access to improve my gaming skills. It gives me the total customization of my own wish with every angle I can rotate it. So, it has plethora of adjustment for driving position I like. Moreover it has colossal function which is compatible for all racing games. Therefore, I like this gaming cockpit because it is one of the best gaming devices which matches my skills

Mechanical Switch Gaming Keypad – Razer Orbweaver Chroma

It is one of the best gaming devices which give the lighting on the mechanical keypads. Similarly, Mechanical Switches have a setting which is optimized in a set of actuation and reset points which can easily improve your performance regarding the game and will enhance your skills of game. However, The Razer Orbweaver Chroma is one of the best Mechanical switches gaming keypad which provides me the best option of twenty key mechanical keys which are installed with programs and can easily improve my skills for the next level. Apart from it, it gives me the option of 8 key thumb pads which are also fully programmed regarding my skills. Similarly, it gives me 16.8M colors of light with the mechanical keys which have also custom setting. Therefore, I really like Razer Orbweaver Chroma because it is the best gaming peripheral which matches my skills.

Gaming projector – BenQ HT2150ST

Gaming projector are the gaming peripheral which are used for the sake of clear game resolution with real colors and can be extendable on you desired size. Similarly, BenQ HT2150ST is one of the best gaming devices which offer me the great features. It provides me the high resolution of 1080 full HD image which can make my vision clear for game. It can easily be spreadable on my will in big screen. Similarly, it has good image quality which has no problem of aging. Moreover, it gives the best option of natural sound like I am in a virtual world and playing the game as a real life character. Therefore, I personally recommend this best gaming device for egging on my skills with comfortable gaming projectors.